5 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning is just around the corner and here at Hank's Junk Removal we've got you covered! Here are 5 tips that will help you organize and get rid of all that extra clutter that you've been tripping over for the past winter months so you can get into spring and summer with a clean break!

1. Start with one room at a time

It's so easy to get ahead of ourselves and likely very overwhelmed once we start to organize and clean out everything that we feel we don't need! Try to start with one room of the house at a time, go through every inch of the room and divide it into what you're keeping and what you'll be getting rid of. After you've decided on what you're keeping then it will be much easier moving the pile of "junk" out of the room.

2. Make a list and check it off

See those old sofas in the basement? It's time for them to go! Start by making a list of everything in the house that's an eyesore and each day try to conquer one! Some items you may want to consider getting rid of for this Spring are; old fabrics/yarns piling up, unused exercise equipment, those boxes filling up your garage.

3. Ask yourself tough questions

This is where it gets tough, do you really want to part with all of your clutter? Ask yourself the following questions to help eliminate all of the items taking up your space!

How long has it been since I've used this?

When you ask yourself this question it makes it very obvious whether you should keep the items or just part with them.

Do I even like it?

We all have those goal clothes that we promised ourselves we would fit into in January for our New Year's Resolutions. If they're not fitting yet then it's time to toss them. Once you obtain the goal you want, you deserve a new pair of jeans anyways!

Does it work properly or is it broken?

Often, you forget about the items that are broken in the garage but "they'll be a great project one day" and now it's time to say bye bye! You're busy, you accomplish a lot in a day's worth of work and coming home to those eyesores just need to come to an end.

If I keep this, what will I get rid of to make room for this?

We're here to provide you some tips on how to declutter for the Spring and with that being said, we aren't here to tell you to get rid of everything! It's a give a little, take a little sort of World out here! If you want to keep those jeans then get rid of that old washing machine in the basement! It's all about compromising.

4. Divide and Conquer

Take 6 categories and divide the belongings accordingly. This will help the decluttering make sense and seem like less work.

  • Keep it in the room

  • Put it away in another room

  • Donate it

  • Recycle it

  • Trash it

  • Sell it

5. Write it down

Sometimes when you write something down and you can physically see what it is that you need to accomplish, it makes completing the task much easier. Take a blank calendar and go through everything in the house that you would like to conquer. Once you have a list of the rooms and items that you want to sort out take that calendar and start to pick days to complete the tasks on.

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